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Break Shit and die; stay positive


"Your Name Here" - John Ashbery


But how can I be in this bar and also be a recluse?
The colony of ants was marching toward me, stretching
far into the distance, where they were as small as ants.
Their leader held up a twig as big as a poplar.
It was obviously supposed to be for me.
But he couldn’t say it, with a…

didn’t read past the first line didnt have to

Anonymous asked: So you're saying straight people can't support lgbtq+ rights?


Listen if a cishet doesn’t support lgbtq+ rights, they’re a bigot. There is no way to get around it, that’s just how it is. Cishets who pat themselves on the back every time they don’t act bigoted, who try to speak over us, who think background characters are good representation, or the ones who self proclaim themselves as allies need to cut that shit out.


what if i called it “The Undaunted”

there ought to be a law against stephen

there is

Wag Wzrd